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Cyclical Connectivity Issues - Please Help


I have had the worst connectivity disadvantages with this game.  There have been long periods of time where I'm out-connected in literally 95% of the games I'm playing.  Terrible hit-detection.  One shot kill for most of the opponents I'm up against.  Lag spikes everytime I get into a showdown.  Etc., etc., etc....


There have also been some periods where the connectivity isn't horrible.  It's never good, mind you.  But there are times it hasn't been awful.


However, since 1.19, I'm having terrible connectivity again.


So my question is...  Why?  Why does one update create connectivite issues for me and not for others, where past updates seemed to have eased the problem a bit?  I mean most of the players I'm seeing are full second(s) in front of me and have 5 to 1 hit detection advantage against me.  So obviously they're doing alright.


Are these tweaks to the lag comp system?   I have a decent connection at 20megs, with consistent A+ ping scores.  Am I being "comped" more after 1.19?  Have they made adjustmets to the matchmaking system that are adversely affecting me?  Is it just coincidence?


I'm about to throw my PS3 out the window I'm so frustrated right now.  Help me rationalize this...

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    You're not alone, apparently the last update was to improve connection issues and matchmaking. I don't know who for it certainly isn't most of us - at least not if you're in the UK.


    I can't understand how if I'm in a party of 6 from UK we get matchmaked with 6 Turks, 6 Italians or 6 Spanish??? 


    It definitely seems the better your quality of connection the more advantage those with bad connections have.


    So, sorry I can't answer your question I guess we'll have to hope a Dev comes out from behind his console and explains why its so bad. Trouble is they don't seem to give a **** what we think or they would have fixed it.


    btw there must be more that 10 of us playing MW3 in the UK surely??  Shame they never get matched against us.


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    Connectivity solutions start within the initial match making. More localized searches and rewarding those with good internet by connecting them to like consumers would greatly increase satisfaction

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      I know this is off topic but, any conformation of what BO2 will use as it's matchmaking system?  I've heard rumors that they're going back to a modified MW1 era matchmaking system.  Not sure how much of a solution that is or would be.  But (for me at least) anything's got to be better than what MW3 is using...