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Custom Community Game Modes People Are Wishing For

Search and Rescue:

A Search and Destroy style game, however, with a twist of dog tags. Sames rules of Search and Destroy but a few changes of rules. When you die, you drop dog tags (Like in kill confirmed), however, if a enemy grabs the dog tags, you lose the round. If a team mate grabs the tags, the person who dropped the tags will respawn. Encouraging team work and making sure the team is alive.

Creator: Unknown


Money in the Denk:

Sabotage with a huge twist of suspension. With preset classes, and no air support, this game mode is a gun on gun action game mode. However, once picking up the bomb, you will be transformed into a Juggernaut with a pistol. Once planting the enemy bomb, you lose your Juggernaut suit and the timer ticks down from two minutes. If the player defuses the bomb, the timer will freeze and presume where it left off once planted again. The game mode is 20 minutes long, with specialist bonuses and epicness.

Creator: DenkOps


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