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New MW2 to MW3 Maps

Following the success of Airport from MW2 to MW3

It would be nice to see more of the same.

With an eye towards nice weather.

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    i dont understand why everyone is talking only about more mw2 maps. dont get me wrong, i love the mw2 maps but has everyone forgot about the real classics? the cod4 maps are by far some of the best maps i have ever played. I.W and activision should bring out a whole seperate map pack just full of classics. free or have to pay for? i dont care. but i can say one thing for sure. and that is that if they wanna make the players happy, a great strategy would be to bring out the a classics map pack for all the fans who support them

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    Yes I agree, especially Favela..mw3 needs that..that was by far the best mw2 map in my opinion