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Looking For Unused Premium (Membership) Code

As the subject says, I'm looking to get a Premium membership code so that I can use my founders code whether or not I have to pay for it.


I couldnt find one on eBay and or on local buy/sell sites; I figured the best place to get one is here.


I visited some of the old clan operations from at the beginning of the year, and noticed that a lot of those founders & premium members don't even play MW3 any more because they are "disappointed" in the Elite service. Well that's a waste of money, and seeing that I play daily, and I'm looking to forward to competing in Lone wolf events and clan operations I am willing to buy an unused card.


* There has also been a few people saying that they used an already used card and it worked, well I'm also willing to give that a try.


I'm not looking to rip anyone off, i already preordered Black Ops 2 & I plan on getting Elite 2.0 with it, but I would love to set up my founders status.


** The only reason I don't have it is because I just started playing CoD in January.. Even though I'm well above average (Top ranked player/scorer in 90% of all lobbies played)


If you want to sell me the code (OR even just give me a used/unused code) -  PSN: Jamaican-4Lyfe  *OR* Reply to this post