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Team Defender Clan


Hey all, just a one time post to see if there are any Team Defender players out there looking for a clan, we are PS3 Reapers.


Requirements are as follows:


must be 21+

must have a headset


We don't care about KD, I say this as clan leader I'm not very good myself and have had to take on the clan due to the lack of leadership from the community I am a part of, as far as MW3 goes they don't like clans much,


http://www.ps3reapersgaming.com/portal.php   our site covers a lot more games, I am new to their group but thrown in at the deep end as I'd quite like to play a few games with people who use their headsets for its intended use, who won't mind the odd angry outburst either, I'm an angry player, we are currently 3 members, so please feel free to msg me on PSN : djpixc   just let me know its for the clan and ur over 21 etc, anyone would who joins would be appreciate to join on the site, but as the members i have currently are all my own findings, I'm in the process of sorting something out.