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Please help! Crazy Problem, I've tried everything! Aim is going crazy!

Hey guys, thought I would try appealing to the hive mind for help, I'm at my wit's end! I don't know how to precisely articulate my problem; the closest thing I could say it *feels* like is that my dpi is randomly altering. Probably not what is *actually* happening, but this is how it feels. While I'm playing, my reticle will sometmes drag, sometimes skip. In other words, my aim will go much slower than expected sometimes, and sometimes it will do a 180 so I'm facing in or near the other direction. I've tried reinstalling the game (I'm using steam), disabling the theater recording, and changing resolution and graphics settings. My mouse works just fine in every other game (no lag or jumping in LoL et. al.) and my connection is solid (and I have been playing for years, and this just recently started). Any suggestions would be much appreciated!