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Reall? This is what the PC comunnity is concerned About?

Do this many people Really have that much money to burn? all these post seem to tell the story, that more people are worried about being able to pre-order "bells and whistles" then wether the game will be better or worse, then the last game (and by last game I mean Black ops 1, not MW3; we already know it will be better then that POS)


I even see one guy asking "what is a dedicated server?"


Have none of you learned anything from the past? or is this just a new generation that has no idea what REAL PC gaming is all about?

(and if so why not just stick to the console version? could it be envy?


You can't have your cake and eat it too; do you want a console port, or a real game? ( one where WE control the completion, and the bells and whistles)


At this point I am satisfied with the Client control: however i would like to know if there will be a lagometer, access to rate, snaps, maxpackets, and maxFPS (I have no reason to think there won't; but one never knows these days)


The REAL question right now is: how much access will we have to Dedicated server files; and will the servers be locked down to one exclusive Game service provider?

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    It would seem that the current users within this section of the community are indeed concerned about the collectors edition. That's no reason to call out your peers and accuse them of not being aware of what "real gaming is all about."


    It's quite possible that some of your peers, concerned about the contents of a CE/DE, are also concerned about everything you are too. They're simply also interested in this new content and or are reacting to an announcement. People reacting and discussing new information? That's so strange!


    You should also understand that there are parts of the PC community that honestly are not worried about some of your concerns. You may disagree with them entirely, but don't call them out or degrade them.


    I hope you see my point here. Had you taken the time to simply reiterate the concern for past topics only, then I would have understood and seen this thread in a better light. Instead you open up in a way that you're attacking and belittling your peers. We don't want nor need this. In the future, please focus more on your topics and concerns than focusing on calling others out.


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