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[UAEF] Xbox 360 Clan looking for people to join our Clan! Do you want to Join a Clan click here




Looking for a Clan to avoid running solo games on COD MW3? Willing to compete in the clan ops / gamemodes to support the clan?


UAEF is the perfect clan for you!


UAEF = United Assassins Elite Force

What makes us unique?

  • * 11 Members on Elite and growing we are new.
  • * Weekly Practice / Internal Clan Scrimmages
  • * Almost always have at least 2 groups running primetime! (No more solo matches)
  • * Founder Elite members to rank up via Clan Ops
  • * Facebook / Twitter
  • * Must have a mic and use it to call out enemy locations
  • * 1.0 K/D overall (1.1 K/D if you have Free Elite Account)
  • * Elite Account (Premium / Founder / Free)
  • * Must be active in MW3 (We dont want someone thats plays once in a while)

        * We are a easy to join clan and only ask to follow the few simple rules listed.

If you have a problem with any of the requirements, this clan might not be for you.

Our Clan level is 8 and 2 ranks away from Gold Clan tag.

Contact me UnitedR3aPeR on Xbox Live with a Friend Request and apply in our email uaefxbox@yahoo.ca with your information to join UAEF or search UAEF on Elite and fill out application to join.