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Hunt Them Down [HTD!]


Clan Name: Hunt Them Down
Level 39
Tag: HTD!


Members 74






We are looking for absolute team players for clan operations, must be premium and must have a KDR of above 1.5
Some members do not meet that kd but have been here since the beginning, recruits however must not bring us down.


If your a team player, ( taking objectives, taking tags, talking to clan members, taking out air support ) please apply and you'll be very welcome.
If your not a team player, you must still participate in clan ops, and you must have a KD of 1.5 or above.




We have our own Twitter page, Youtube account and Website.


The clan is split into Clan Squads, with each squad having a leader. Every member of the squad must report to and take orders from there squad leader, such orders are handed down from the Clan Leaders.


Any Boosting, Not Participating in clan ops without a good reason, and Disrespecting clan members and leaders will lead to being kicked from the clan.


Our highest rank in a clan op was 41 out of 23000 clans. We are in the top 50.