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Has this happened to you in some games?

I have full stealth settings

Blind Eye, Assassin Pro, Dead Silence Pro, MK14 RDS Silenced, MP9 Silenced


I rush all the time, I think camping makes you seem weak and afraid.


Okay, here's the real deal. I have all that equipped and everyone on the enemy team apparently knows where I am all the time. Did IW nerf stealth or what??

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    I think most everyone has had moments where they think there's some kind of UAV hack or something. What I find most often, is that I've been hit with a Flash or I killed someone who was on a long Deathstreak.


    It does get annoying when you're seeing on Killcam people turning corners as if they know you're right there. I just chalk it up to the reasons above

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    Recon Pro users?


    Recon Drone users?


    Revenge Death Streak?


    Probably got you on radar.


    However, I have gotten extremely good at hearing silencers being shot, so it would raise my defenses.  Also, bullet fire can be seen so they could have seen you shooting.


    Also, spawning near the person that killed you.  He would have an idea of where you were.

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    i do believe theyve done something, because i can hear my own gun reload in there kill cam, and im like, there is noo way a reload should ever be that loud!!  it also doesnt make sense for weapons developers to  creat guns this loud!?