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An Open Letter to IW Developers


To the developers at IW:


There’s no getting around it, MW3 prioritizes catering to entry-level players and trickshotters over delivering a competitive gaming experience to serious fans of the series.  Easymode weapons (ACR, MP7, akimbo machine pistols), serve to dumb down the competitiveness while game mechanics including the support strike package and deathstreaks reward bad players at the expense of more experienced players.  Also, the continued inclusion of quickscoping encourages players to focus on showboating instead of playing to win.  IW, if you tried to cater to everyone in MW3 – you failed.  You flipped the middle finger to your most dedicated fan base and left the door open for another developer to one-up you. 


Enter Treyarch.  They are implementing ranked playlists in Black Ops II so that entry level players can be paired with eachother and have the chance to develop their skill.  Instead of dumbing the game down for everyone – they give new players a chance to learn on their own.  This approach serves the best interests of new and experienced players alike.   


Treyarch also has a track record of patching unbalanced weapons like the Black Ops FAMAS.  On CoD Elite you can look at pages after page after page of player profiles with more than half of their kills coming from the ACR and/or MP7. Your ‘balance pass’ was pitiful and did nothing to reduce the dominance of these weapons. 


Finally, Treyarch takes an appropriate approach to quickscopers and trickshotters – discouraging them from playing in competitive matches by limiting the performance of snipers at close to mid range.   


IW, if you continue to take advantage of and neglect the core CoD fanbase you will continue to lose more of us to other series.  Many of my friends abandoned MW3 completely in favor of BF3 – and I often wish I had joined them.  When BOII blows MW3 out of the water in terms of competitiveness and innovation, the ball will be in your court to step up and deliver a playable game in 2013.   I will not play your next title if it is anything like MW3.


Sign here if you feel the same. 

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    Do yourself a favor. Stop playing. Do not buy their next COD. That is the best advice you will get here.

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    There is no Core fanbase. the fanbase changes enough each year when the game comes out that there is no Core fanbase that they have to cater too or worry about. So no they do not have to make the game be or feel or play like you want it too. They will continue to make it how they feel it should be played and players will still play it, even if you choose not too. They are not really afraid of loosing a few players, since they make millions in sales each year. So they have no reason to change what they are doing.


    The performance change to snipers at close and mid range had been suggested to them by me and many others several times back when BO was still out and never was implemented. IW does not care about those kinds of players infact they like them because it gives them free advertising on YT with all the QS videos.


    3arc took a long time to ever patch the Famas, it was complained about for months before it was ever fixed. and even then it was not the best gun, just one of the easier guns to use like the mp7 and acr are of this game.


    The ranked list system wil fail just as it had in Halo3 where players began to buy and sell accounts because of wanting those ranks.

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    TA Ranked Playlists - You realize that this is going to only have a select few game modes in it, it is not all game modes, right.  Also, it will most likely have much less folks playing it, meaning, matchmaking is going to be really sketchy.  So as far as being "competitive", yeah, that the competition will be to see who gets the better connection, after that the match is basically over.


    TA Weapon Balances - Looking back in my crystal ball, I see an MP-40 an AK-74 and FAMAS all over the leading weapons from prior 3arch titles.  Did you really say that 3arch is good a balancing weapons?  Look, any game that doesn't make all weapons behave so similar to each other they are all basically the same, is going to end up having some issues.  There is no magic cure, it comes with the territory.  Hey, do I wish the guns would all be a bit more "vanilla"?  Yeah, but both companies are seriously to blame when it comes to having a weapon of choice.


    TA Snipers - Umm, have you seen some that Vahn character's latest quotes?  Have you not seen the latest videos out there from the test play?  Vahn is now "Optic Vahn" and a backer of the QS community and the gameplay I have seen up until now proves it.  It appears MaTtKs's influence has worn off, BOII is going in a much different direction then BO did.


    Finally, just wait and see.  Come around January there are going to be issues with the new game.  But there will be nobody to communicate with from 3arch.  As long as the Machinima (sp?) and MLG players are happy, 3arch will not be seeing any of these problems.  I promise you friend, things are not the greatest right now, but wait give it until the new year and the good folks over at TA will be showing their true colors and I suspect many of us will not like the looks of that landscape.

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      So very true. Everyone that is betting and hoping BO2 will be the shining light in the darkness will find themselves in another dark tunnel with no light but the next IW game as it is each year and always has been and always will be.


      People are going to rage about BO2 and think the next IW will solve it. It wont and then they will rage about that game and claim the next 3arc game will solve it and it wont.


      People need to learn to stop falling for all the hype and believing what they see or hear online and wait to reserve judgment until the game comes out and then rent it before buying it to make a choice.

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    Lol quickscoping team mates don't make me lose it's the ones who camp in doorways getting in my way and constantly not helping the team because their K/D is more important then life itself. Also Treyarch did patch the Famas yes but they screwed it up when it took 7 hits to kill and the recoil was out of wack so they unpatched it so yea it is still 2 hit kill sometimes how ever I am with you on the Black Ops 2 because it's an entire different team that made the game not the failures from Black Ops 1. But stop raging the only thing Infinity Ward need to fix is Lag Compensation and the Matchmaking and the easy to exploit outdated spawn system.