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Hardcore HQ

Does anyone even play this, it is my fav game type.BTW I play as TUGGUT(yellow) and my FC:519423968320.Also looking for a clan I'm not prestged though, don't be mislead by my level either.I'm an aggresive good experienced player.?XP lobbies?

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    Heya TUGGUT ,,, I'm sure there is a few guys that play it but ,, maybe not a lot ,, most people play TDM ... I play alot and never underestimate a non stiger,,, Your name kinda looks familiar ,,, I play on my non stige profiles when I'm not on my 10/55 profile ,, that one has all the golds and challenges done on it ,,, Here's a FC for ya ta add if you want to play Team Death Match  0496-1365-1684 I'll add ya to that one ok ..

    I don't glitch ,hack or like tubers an hope you dont either,, thanks ,,,