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What the F**k!!!

Why is that nearlly every Call of Duty has a problem?


MW3 is starting to get on my nerves! The spawns points are so bad I can spawn in the enemy's spawn and get killed!!! Why is this?

I also have problems getting on the ******* game! It sometimes says "Fetching Online Profile" Then doesn't let me on...

It also tells me to come back later or visit a website.

You lag like crazy as well... My lead is connecting to the back on my PS3 so it can't be my internet!


This is getting a joke now! Can you please try and sort something!?

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    The spawns have been...kinda...better
    The lag is...kinda...better


    For the most part though I'm still having some issues with each. For instance today it was 3v6 on terminal for the entire match. I had a splitscreener who combined for an impressive score of 8-62 (no lie, look it up on my ELITE). I had a great game and was 5 away from a MOAB. Then the spawning system decided to place 3 people I just triple killed directly behind me. So, yeah

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    You know what... I feel like writing a paragraph.


    I love this game. Yes the spawning , lagging  and cheaters suck , but I keep coming back. If you look on this forum I bet you will find a similair post every hour about the same crap. But we all keep coming back to the game .... I think people just like to listen to themselves talk or complain.


    On another note. I am pretty sure IW/AV is trying to do something about it. But everything isn't perfect and hell if it was what next would you complain about... Let me guess " Geez this game is perfect, now lets complain about that" . I guess its hard to satisfy everyone but sometimes we just have to deal with it or walk away!


    Have a nice day.


    P.S. Get a better connection or Internet..