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Dome map glitch?

Okay, so every single time I try to load the map, Dome for anything, Private Matches, Barebones matches etc, it will show the loading bar completly filled up and freeze my Playstation. Could somebody tell me what to do?

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    Sounds like it can be one of two things. It can mean that the game data has been corrupted on your hard drive and you would need to re-install the data. It can also mean that there is an issue with your disk.


    The easiest way to find out if it is a disk issue is to test out the disk on another Playstation 3 and load up Dome. If the issue is with the disk, Dome will do the same exact thing that it does on your console.


    You can also try to delete the game data first but it will delete any DLC you've downloaded and any theater replay footage that you have on your hard drive.  Use the link here to find out how to delete the game data. http://us.playstation.com/support/answer/index.htm?a_id=369


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