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Joining a game in session.


We all know how annoying it is to join a game that's nearly finished and your team is losing badly.

I have a suggestion - how about just letting players spectate til the end of the match?

And if players join in half way through that match should not count towards their w/l ratio regardless of the outcome.

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    I don't like the spectating part. That would be boring.

    ...but you are right. If you join a match that's already past a certain point, the outcome should not affect your overall stats.

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    Join in session is a necessary thing. Spectating takes up a spot better served for players.


    I think the better option would for incoming players to be able to see the score and time left and choose to join or back out without penalty. If you get into a match and decide you want no part of it, you can back out without taking a loss. If you want in, you just hit join match, choose your loadout, and start playing.