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UK clan Zero Triggerz Now Recruiting (xbox only)


Ok so this is Zendo Ninja here the leader of Zero Triggerz. we're looking for intelegent, mature, good players and chill dudes/dudetts to join, premium or not. We are a fairly new clan but good we currnatly only have a few members but were growing fast we have a youtube channel and will be posting regulary.


Whats the clan do ??


Well we are a multipuropus clan so we do GBs wich is the official mlg ladders for EU but only select few will be chosen for this, we have a youtube channel where we aim to post montages, commentarys and anything else gaming (may do vlogs too unsure) lastly we will also enlist in clan ops and level our elite were only level 1 atm but will be higher with more members  ect : ...


How to apply


Just add me on xbox and say where your from and ill accept straight away then we will have a privet match in some form of trail (NOT QUICK SCOPES unless requested) then just to see how good you are online we will play pubs then i will diside if you in or not (we only want those who meet the criteria) also your K/D W/L ratios are not cared about if there low


Add my Gamer tag Zendo Ninja

or skype me on Zendo-Ninja

or tweet me @ZendoNinja


( you get the drift )


cya online and hope you join !




Zendo =ZT= (thats the clantag)