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Private match mini games 2

This the 2nd game me and my friends have thought of. If you haven't seen " Private match mini games" , check it out. This game is called dodgeball. You play it on Terminal, the security area with the buzzers. The one with compass on the ground, the middle line will be the borders. You can't cross the borders. This game should be played in S&D. the class set-up should be t-knife, scavenger(to pick up t-knives from scavenger packs), quickdraw, steady aim, juiced as death streak, killstreaks- UAV, Care package, and Predator/ I.M.S.(They make the game a lot funner, but it's optional. If your team is out of t-knifes make some kind of signal, like jumping, be sure to tell all players this. If the other team does the signal, then a knifing war can start. Also if you pick up ammo don't use it. You can cross into the enemy border to get t-knives, but the enemy's can knife you, but you can't knife them.