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Looking for good clan

Hi there well i don't feel like writing a novel here so i'll try to be short and sweet...I quit CoD for about 6 months but i am getting back into it and i need a clan that is good preferably. I have a 2.13 K/D at this moment Prestige 6. thats all i got to say for now i guess but hope to  get an invite to a great clan soon =)


GT: SoulsR3v3nge


P.S. Xbox 360 not PS3 in case you are wondering

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    Console ARMY has a COD Brigade for XBOX. We are currently looking for new members. We have 11 as of now and are looking for more to open a new squad. We have just updated our site for a fresher look and feel. Console ARMY is not just a clan but a great community of gamers. If interested then please visit http://www.consolearmyhq.com/ for more information and to take a personal tour and see how things look. Tell them CJ sent you....