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Activision could learn a lot from other games companies


So frustrated with the incompetence of IW I have returned to Skyrim.  Since I have been away from Skyrim, Bethesda who make the game have released DLC for the XBox, but not the PS3.  Why?  Because, by their own admission there is a problem with the DLC on the PS3 and Bethesda seem to care about their customers and rather than grab the money they have decided not to release it on PS3 until the problem is resolved.  Activision/IW/whoever have lost out with MW3.  I bought every available DLC for previous CoDs but not MW3 - it doesn't work!  I bought the first map pack only to find I have to switch it off to play the game.  Switching it on makes it almost impossible to find a lobby and when it does it is almost always 125ms+ which is pretty much unplayable.  Needless to say this is why I haven't, and wont be bothering with any further DLC (despite their desperate attempt to pull in the suckers with the half price offer).


I'm sure the bosses are content with the millions they have made with MW3, but given they are supposed to be creatig maximum wealth for their owners they have failed with MW3, and unless they change their attitude will fail again with BO2.  Hopefully the move from a two to three developer cycle will improve things but I cant say I am very optimistic.