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Really blowing up this hacking thing.

Having finished my Monster Hunter Tri phase, I've returned to MW3 to pass time. Spent the last few days using the AS50 (with CCP and no ACOG, mind you) and just hit the 500-kill mark last night. As that is the milestone I have for each gun, I'm now on the L86 LSW which is surprisingly good.


As you may have noticed, 500 kills probably took quite the number of matches. None of those matches, and I kept a keen eye, had any blatant hackers. Now I did run into a couple of Striker Spammers and Akimbo'ers but overall the matches were fair and competitive. I don't know if you guys are purposely blowing up the hacker situation, viewing an isolated occurence as a game-wide problem, or really are running into hackers as often as you say; I can't see much evidence of it. As of late, I've moved into Central Time so either it's the East Coast kiddies that hack (I play around 9pm - 12am so they ought to be asleep) or Lady Luck is more than on my side. I try to avoid clans as they are often a tribe of prepubescents with copied codes. Any advice I can give you guys is play Mercenary (to avoid said clans) and the occasional objective gametypes. I personally played Mercenary for the majority of the time and played a few matches of Headquarters Pro and Domination in between. Avoid the people with custom characters in their names. To see if someone's stats are altered, go to Barracks - Leaderboards - Score - Press X - Choose "Lobby"; this will show the overall score and playtime of players in-lobby. If you do find out there's a hacker, leave the lobby or even the gametype if there's no other lobby available. See, it's not so hard.


On a side note, Moderate NAT type is amazing. Never had to worry about being host since I moved.


Oh and I almost forgot, someone requested that I end all my posts with a simile. So I think we can all agree that Slender is as scary as Bruce Lee pissed.

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    I think i'll just watch this thread with some interest and see what other people say.

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    Simile wrote:


    I personally played Mercenary for the majority of the time and played a few matches of Headquarters Pro and Domination in between.


    That explains it, lol. 95% of my matches are in Mercenary, and I don't run into a lot of CAPs.

    Too bad the same can't be said about akimbo-ers...

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      I never play objective games because thats what the game is about, THE OBJECTIVE. When I see hackers, they are in TDM and I see some in free-for-all but not as bad. Its getting to the point to where its about 1 out of 10 players are hacking/cheating. I went through several games this morning til I could find a legit game that was hackerless. Im on the east coast.

      Im starting to wonder if we are playing the same people all the time. It doesnt seem like it.

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    Some days I find myself in some really competitive matches..   Other days I feel like smashing the console into pieces and sending it back to nintendo.  Overall, I think the hacking complaints do get blown "a little" out of proportion.  But these complaints have come about due to an undeniably large number of CAPs playing on the Wii.


    Now that kids are going back to school I think it will be a little more enjoyable to play during the day... You saw a HUGE spike in CAPs running around acting all bad-ass over the summer break.

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    Ive played more than pretty much anyone I know, ive gone through 2 10th prestige profiles, im currently 7th again, and had numerous other small profiles that I messed around on.


    If you want to help your chances of avoiding hackers, play TDM/Merc TDM/FFA. FFA is full of akimbo campers, but very few hacks, TDM / Merc TDM is full of noobs who sit in corners and are happy to go 4-16, but the 4 kills will catch yiou unawares and pi££ you off as you didnt see them lied under a car or something.


    Hacking has gone though the roof in domination at least, over the last week or so. And weekends are particularly bad for hacks and lag. I cant go 3 games without bumping into assault streaks in support/ flashing names/ aimbot/ inf uav, etc etc etc

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    Bruce lee pissed is pretty scary, however, slender is not scary at all.


    What are you guys, five?




    Seriously, the game is overhyped. I played it and it wasn't scary at all. I guess it would be scary if you were five years old, alone in the dark at 3am in the morning(for some reason, I think 3am is a scary time), no one around, thunder outside.....

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    This, again, makes me think that I need to play earlier in the day when possible.  I play between 2:00am - 4:00am central time.  I spend more time looking for matches without hackers than I do playing matches without hackers.  Normally the first 5 or 6 matches I find have hackers.  Then I'll find a lobby without them. I'll dominate that lobby to the point where everyone leaves, half of them calling me a hacker, and then it's back to trying to fnd a match without them again.  I would say you're lucky, but maybe I just play at the wrong time.  Nintendont mentioned that he stops playing when I start, and he doesn't see them often.  It's impoissible for me to play any earler during the week, but maybe I can try playing earlier on weekends.  I'll make the effort and report back with what I find.  As it is tough, and I only play TDM because hardly anyone plays the other game modes late at night (early morning really), there are only 1200 to 1500 people online.  And most of the matches I join have at least one person hacking.  We'll see what happens if I play earlier.