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Unfair Weapon/Perk Combinations!


Hi Guys and Gilrs,


I am playing CoD since Modern Warfare (CoD4) - but MW3 is on the best way to become the most ridiculous, bothering and

boring title of the series because it allows some Weapon/Perk Combos that cause quite unfair gameplay!


I think they should limit the usage of some perk/weapon combinations to make MW3 more fair!

I think it´s quite unfair if players (and i mention it´s an increasing amount of them already) use:

1. Shotgun with "Range extention" or Sniper-Rifles

2. "Assassin"

3. "Blind-Eye"

4. "Dead Silence"

5. Portable Radar

6. FMG Akimbo

7. Dead Man´s Hand

8. C4...


  • You can´t see them on the map...
  • You can´t see them while launching a Predator...
  • You can´t hear them...
  • They can jump down the steepest objects without beeing hurt...


  • They can shoot you with only one shot - any time...
  • They can walk through the level without beeing discovered by any radar, recon, UAV...
  • They can see you (if you don´t use "Assassin" or "Blind-Eye" with their portable Radar...
  • They can shoot you quickly on short distance caus of their overpowerd "Akimbo"
  • They can blow you up finally cause of "Dead Man´s Hand"...
  • They can blow you up by throwing C4 over walls, containers, through windows - and you can´t escape!


In my opinion this is pretty unfair gaming!


And finally: People using the portable Radar are "Campers" quite often too!

This is not what I expected when buying CoD MW3!!


Did you?


I can live with all the perks and most of the weapons, kill-streaks and so on - but I think it would be a great improvement if some combinations of weapons and perks would be ristricted/forbidden!


Who agrees?

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    well i've always said that those who use blind eye,assassin and dead silence are complete *******, but i can't call something unfair if i can use it too, and by this i mean, if only a player on the map could use this combination, then yeah it would be unfair. but if i can use it, if you can use it, if everyone can use it, then i wouldnt call it unfair. get it?

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    No I would not call it unfair to use those perks ect, becaue they are there for everyone to use,  I do think some of the guns are overpowered, but again i can have that same power if i will take the time to level it up,   If i am in a game where everyone uses blindeye assasin ect, i change up my killstreaks to something that works better, ...... i have learned you have to adjust your own gameplay to counter what others are doing and using, ....... 1 size does not fit all in this game ....

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    If you've played COD since COD4, you would know that there's always that particular setup that is frowned on by the community:


    OMA noobtubes, Danger Close & Commando setup from MW2

    Tactical Knife, Marathon, LW & Commando from MW2

    MP40 with Dual Mags, Juggernaut & Steady Aim from WAW

    3x Frags & Martyrdom in COD4


    From the setup you put up for MW3, I rarely find in my lobbies compared to the days where a majority of players were abusing the hell out of the setups I mentioned above.

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    I do not agree.  Adapt and overcome, those are the rules to live by in CoD.  If you can't do that, then you need to turn off the game and play something else.


    Why the OP thread this late in the game??  We've seen TONS of them since day 1 release.  No one from the DEV team will listen to your cries.  If it's in the game, the devs put it there to be used, use it or don't and move on with your life.

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    Every perk in the game works really well with something else:


    Sleight of Hand - Quickdraw - Stalker
    Recon - Hardline - _______
    Blind-Eye - Assassin - Deadsilence


    This person in particular took the time to find what guns and equipment fit his playstyle the best. If anything he deserves a cookie for using a class layout that works the best for him. As for you, it's your type of thinking that has tarnished Black Op II. Thinking your playstyle should be inferior to all others. This type of thinking is slowly destorying CoD

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    So I am a scrub if I switch to a class running BE, Assassin and a silenced weapon when the opposing team is winning and spamming UAV's and air support?  Sorry, but I will run with what I need to in order to counter the enemy in the best way possible and give me and my team an opportunity to win. 


    I like to start each match aggressively, but if the enemy team's aggressive tactics are better, then it's time to go on the defensive and try to flank them; unseen; to disrupt their assault.

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      Ok. I understand.


      Might be the case, that our Clan is too strong to most of the other teams we meet?!

      If I have the impression that there are some "unfair" players, I go and check them out on ELITE.

      I can tell you all that I discovered a lot of players who do not use even ONE personal class without "Assassin" and "Blind-Eye" - and mostly use "Portable Radar" and C4!

      And for sure: Most of the times "Support" instead of "Assault"!


      ELITE is the first time in CoD that you can check the others settings out.


      And: I do not have any problem if one or two players are "NoObs" using the Weapons/Perk-Combos I was talking about - but it really sucks if there are 3 to 6 (or 8) players using it!


      There are Domination matches you can bet after capturing the first flag and walking to the next one, that the opponent-clan is a camper clan:

      They do not even try to capture the next flag - they are running to their favorite hideout instead!

      If you then launch an UAV there´s no-one!


      I do not want to be misunderstood: We mostly beat them with a kick in their *** - but it sucks!

      If I play alone I can find myself in matches where i am the only one who´s really running!

      Often I finish the match with 4000 points plus - meanwhile the others do only 1000 to 2000 points!

      Even more often, if thrown in an running match, called "dead game" i can see the time elapsing - cause they are all camping...


      Just check it out yourself: If you meet some "Assassins" go on ELITE and look at their profiles!



      Yes, you are all right: Everyone CAN use these combinations and perks.

      But: For which reason does CoD have so many different weapons and perks if just a fiew can  kill a joy?


      I do not want to tell others how to play - but why are the others I am talking about allowed to do so?? They nearly force everyone to use these combinations or single perks!

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        But WHO CARES what others are doing??  There is ALWAYS something in this game to counter ANYTHING you encounter.


        If you do not adapt in-game against these circumstances then it's your own fault for getting upset at other for playing the game the want they want to play...

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        I follow what you're saying, just keep in mind that not everyone playing is in a clan.  It sounds like you are playing with a clan for the most part and clan tactics will differ drastically from a team of solo players; mainly because solo players (like myself) tend to be selfish and don't function well as a team especially since they are rarely miked up.


        I'm running BE/Assassin to flank.  Having a couple of guys defend two flags on Domination by camping with BE/Assassin can/should be expected.  Not advancing on the third flag and holding down two in Domination should also be expected.  But I will agree with you that a team of players, all running BE/Assassin, laying in the weeds and not moving sucks to play against in any game type; but there are counter measures.


        Take advantage of Recon in these instances to light them up.  Even with Assassin Pro, you'll get a glimpse of where they are and which way they are facing with a stun/flash and if they are prone, it makes it that much easier to take them out from the sides.

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          I would like to remind everyone here, that my intention was not to delete the perks I was talking about!

          My intention was to make the game more challenging for everyone - and more fair and balanced!


          You can not choose all types of kill-streaks the same time - there are already some ristrictions!

          The perks are slightly restricted already - because you can not choose some combinations you had in MW2 or BO for example...


          When I started with Modern Warfe I, I was a single-player as you are. I was not in an clan - and yes, I tried to hide myself to have a chance...

          So I can understand that "Beginners" need some perks to improve their skills - but if some has 200 hours ore more on his career, I think he should not need that any longer...


          Another way to prevent that too many players force the others to become "defending" *****-footing "Ninjas", it could be a way to restrict perks by playing time/ Prestige-Level...


          Once more: I am not talking about the beginners - I am talkin about experienced players who really use any kind of perk/weapon combination that makes them mostly invisible and unbeatable - and even if beaten they blow you up...


          For me that kind of playing sounds like playing football with one team covered in protective wear and the other team playing in underwear only...