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Looking for Aussie Girl Gamers (XBOX)

Looking for xbox 360, active Australian girl gamers interested in joining an all girls clan.

I'm the only Australian in this clan so far, so I decided to see if I can recruit some more Aussie girls that play MW3. The clan leader is thinking about making an "Australian Division" if I can at least get 3 girls.


Clan: Certified Lady Gunnaz

Clan Level: 40

Clan Tag:CLG

Website: www.certifiedladygunnaz.enjin.com/home

Twitter: www.twitter.com/xclgx

Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/CLGxLadies

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CertifiedLadyGunnaz


Please consider joining ladies, I hate playing on American connection ALL the time :/

The age requirement is 15 and up

Any questions send me a message on Xbox
GT: xCLGxBloodLust