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mw3 vs bops vs mw2


OK. I played all three today for more than an hour each. First each one of them had updates! Secondly I loved black ops back when I was playing alot last year and in my mind I had felt it was much better than mw3, but the pace was so slow, and the graphics were so... pastel (I am not quite sure how to describe it like warm and fuzzy). Then I tried mw2 which I only played a few months ago and stopped because of the hacking in it and no surprise the first lobby had some guy filling my screen full of symbols and then calling in a bunch of uavs then despite being on my team playing core killing me again and again. And of course terminal came up and was voted in. So I went back to mw3 and I will continue to play until bo2 comes out. Anyone else?

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    i have w@w, mw2, bo, and mw3 and i like to go back to them all now and then. Mw2 being my first and favourite but as you said the hacking ruins it, aswell as wanting to play hardcore moshpit with dlc i have matchmaking issues. I agree on what you said about BO being fuzzy, at least for me on ps3 with HD its not as smooth as MW anyway but i do enjoy it. Still dont know why they removed the character voices in hardcore, it still annoys me a little. Im playing MW3 the most at the moment because of the elite incentive and will sure be playing them even when BO2 arrives.

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    I loved mw2 when it came out. It was also my first cod game. The hacking and oma noobtubing ruined it to me. I really liked black ops but was only able to play it for a bit because my ps3 overheated around prestige 8 and the disc was stuck in it. I got to prestige 20 level 80 on mw3 and feel like im done with it so im going back to black ops to finish prestiging before black ops 2 comes out.

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    blops better

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      why people like black ops? the graphics are HORRIBLE.. the SOUNDS are TERRIBLE. when you put a silencer i dont even know what the hell is that sound.. like c'mon? why people like it ? i dont find nothing good about it


      THERE NEVER GOING TO BE A BETTER COD THAN MW1 & MW2.. everybody knows that.


      if they patch MW1 & MW2 so there dont be more HACKS.. trust me.. everyone is going for one of those 2.. ill be one of them.. especially MW2

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        MW blew me away because of the inovation, but looking back on it I felt that it was still a pretty decent (key word decent) game.


        MW2 was ok for me. My favorite though is Black Ops because of the maps. It had a great balance and I really like the layout, both Emblem Creator and Playercard. The graphics weren't that great but I was more concerned with the function of the game. Yes, there were connection issues but they didn't bother me too much. I felt the guns were balanced pretty well too, minus the FAMAS maybe

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    I also played all 3 recently.

    MW2- totaly unplayable due to hacking.

    MW3 is mostly unplayable due to lag, hosting/matchmaking problems and ridiculous support.

    BO2- despite worse graphic the multiplayer is incomparably better designed than MW3 and way more secure than MW2.

    Just hope that BO2 won't be a disaster like MW3, but rather better version of its precursor.

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    I've played 6years CoD4 MW1 on PC and last half year on PS3. This game really rocks...no unrealistic/stupid killsstreak awards and so on. Last week at last I bought MW3 and in my opinion this game is total joke. Too many random deaths due to killstreaks and too many perks and attachment to weapons which makes some guns too awesome. Random deaths can be explained by not knowing maps very well yet but I can tell, I haven't seen so many campers in CoD4. In MW3 there are just too many maps with all sort of campings spots and buildings with windows wide open. Atm my KD is 1.65, but hope it will raise when I learn all maps (pretty impossible task, while every second map is Terminal:D).

    CoD4 MW1 was not in the list, but in my opinion this game is da BEST.

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      I agree COD4 was the best, just look at the maps, day/night the size and places you could get to up on roofs and the under ground tunnels systems, so you could come out of the ground behind the enemy or beside.


      Night vision goggles/real rainy maps that you could hear people splashing about. The Container ship at night was one of my favorite maps and that other night time one with the downed Blackhawk.

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    My hope for bo2 is that they have taken the best elements of all the games before and created an awesome game. All the games had good and bad points. Like mw2 the play was very quick and for the most part very smooth, bo seems to have really good gun balance and very good things like all the camo/editors. mw3 seems easiest to play with very good graphics

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    MW2 had the best weapons IMHO, but it was hacked to pieces which made BLOPS a far  better game. MW3 has slightly better graphics, but IW has not responded to the many, many problems that kill MW3 while Treyarc has supported BLOPS to improve it. Mw3 seems to be geared for cheaters too with quickscoping, poor lag comp, and lack of support. The only reason I still play MW3 is because it is way easier to get the "PRO" stuff after you prestige.

    I can't wait for BLOPS II. Even if is as bad as this(I doubt it could be) I will have an excuse to NEVER play this aweful game (MW3) again.

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    MW2 - camping noob tube fest. That is, when they're not all trying to QS with the Intervention




    Blops - probably my fav even though I haven't played that much on it. The graphics on it were a bit cheesy but, overall, I liked it a lot better then the previous two. REALLY have high hopes for BLOPS 2 so I can finally ditch this MW3 garbage.

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    MW2- most revolutionary CoD game by far. Pro perks, more than just 3-5-7 killstreaks and a ton of attachments. Also the most poorly supported title. I've always said MW2 was changing of OMA/DC, MLC knifing and stopping of boosting/hacking away from being the best CoD title. Connection wasn't the issue, but rather it was flawed in game mechanics


    Black Ops- the major ground breaking flaw was poor porting (terrible frame rate on PS3) and terrible matchmaking. Guns were a bit boring. The Famas/AUG were the same gun and so was the AK/Commando/Galil. On top of that second chance was a broken perk with the invulnerability when falling into second chance. Another good game, no major flaws with the actual game, but connection and how the game ran took a step back from MW2.


    MW3- support and death streaks are the major in game flaws. Again the major issue with MW3 is matchmaking. I don't say lag or lag comp because those are simply side effects of poor matchmaking. Like black ops, a ton of potential for an amazing game ruined by subpar matchmaking


    All 3 titles have the same thing in common. Amazing potential but one groundbreaking flaw. As far as the "best title" it's hard to judge that. That's mostly a personal opinion. Personally, I feel like black ops was the best because on top of a pretty good campaign and multiplayer, it had zombies