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Mw3 makers has lied about how soon xbox members get dlc before ps3.

They said xbox live would only be getting things a month in advance.  It has come to my attention they get things a month in advance plus a couple days and they cant even tell ps3 users when dlc will be available... what the hell is that about..  for example  "coming soon"  instead of saying oh this is coming out tomorrow.. who cares if they tell you the month when you have to play the guessing game on the day... The only way you could guess is if there was a patch without dlc and you could most likely expect dlc content the next day other wise you prolly wont know witch day for ps3 you will be able to get dlc. Right now xbox has all the dlc while ps3 still needs two more waves of dlc..  Its just frustrating when they say that but then completely screw over the ps3 users...  In the end I'm playing with my friends on ps3 because that's all they have and that's all that matters but its still bull on having to wait a month and who knows how many days because mw3 does not see it fit to tell ps3 users what month and day to expect dlc.   Dlc should be on one set day of the month so xbox truly only gets things one month in advance none of this bull that leaves them with a complete dlc and ps3 users still need two more dlc before than can even really enjoy having paid for elite or dlc in general.  It may not be truly two months in advance but the way they set it up makes ps3 players feel like they have been thrown to the curb just because xbox pays them to screw over ps3 users. I mean if you add up all the days xbox got dlc before ps3 users it could add up to about two months earlier (for example xbox gets dlc on the 5th and ps3 users you get it on the 15th or 16th besides elite for ps3 users is stupid since your really only getting the features for it since non elite users get the dlc the next day since they already stretched it out between release dates between systems)In the end life lives on and just have to deal with it.

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    I personally think that it's kind of dumb that Xbox because they signed some contract get certain things so far in advance. With that being said, what's the big deal anyway? You were told something, and they re-nigged it a little and now you're? Mad? Going to sue?


    - Goose

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    Hey bud, I work in a legal department and if the contract said a "minimum" of 30 days, that does NOT mean that it's exactly 30 days post xbox. They just can't release it 'early'. If it's later, so be it. I have PS3 too but this is something that will not change. A legally binding agreement is just that and Activision or MS will not risk millions in penalties just so we can get our 'fix'. That's life. You win some and you loose some.

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    Why do you care?  The new maps are not that good, are you really going to buy them?  Just watch some of the stupidity of them on Youtube and thank the gods you were warned prior to spending the $15.


    It's like all the dopes on PS3 that bought the last MW2 map pack.  You knew Fuel was broken, but everyone rushed out to buy it and then complained.


    Point being, save yourself the $$ and frustration of having to play crummy maps and consider yourself lucky.

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    This is the way it is going to be and stay unfortunately. I think with the way they ran ELITE was pretty ass-tastic. I felt like I was the beta tester the entire time for them to get ELITE working correctly.


    That and the continual issues with DLC fubaring everytime something was released for PS3 is rediculous. Only NOW have I been able to download content without having to re-install EVERYTHING again.


    And the latest fiasco with Terminal and people out of the U.S. region being unable to play at all due to not being able to d/l Terminal is beyond unacceptable.


    I can deal with the BS about the Exclusivity contract. But I am tired of PS3 players being treated like the red headed step child because of it!

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    I don't see how  people say the maps suck usually that involves you either don't love the game that much or you just get owned so much there isn't any point in buying them because your going to get owned on a new lvl.. Black ops 2 most likely will help buying new dlc if their new match making system works as intended.   I love the cod series don't get me wrong.. Its just like sigh lol. at one point i almost felt like getting the game for xbox and ps3 and just played ps3 with my friends, but right now its about saving money so I cant to do that. I might as well trade up some stuff now get store credit (while I wont get completely owned when a new system comes out) and save for future items.  I really couldn't care less (about xbox getting it first) its just over time you just get frustrated about how xbox gets things so much faster and stuff..  I can say I love the community better on xbox as long with there match making party system so I don't have to mute everyone in the damn lobby because there is a clan that wont shut up.  As far as what someone said about legal stuff.. Anything can be done with the right lawyer (provided someone has not already done it and some law passed to where you automatically lose).  For me the cod series is a game I can enjoy and spend my time and money on unlike some other games where you beat in under 4 hours.  So I hardly play other console games besides those unless I find a nice series that has just started and does not have ten or more sequels since a game with that many remakes changes so much you cant enjoy the classic stuff about it. Other games I like would have to be Ninja Gaiden, Borderlands,  Twisted metal (even though I loved the ps2 version the best), The drakes series, and besides some classics.