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How sit-rep ruined the game

Sit-rep pro ruined this game because it encourages camping. sure people camp anyways, but this slows the game down a lot more. People using sit rep just sit and wait for people, and you can't sneak up on them because it hears dead silence.


People not using sit rep have to camp or crouch everywhere so they aren't heard by this perk, slowing down the pace of this game.


When I get off work, I come to quickly join in a game, have fun, kill a little. but since everyone is using sit-rep I die whenever i run around shooting, so I have to play very slow pace which really ruins my gameplay experience.


Personally I play Search and Destroy, and I would run around knifing people only. 2000 in the world for knife only. Ever since this perk came out, Me, the clan I'm in, and similar clans have all suffered. We are no longer able to sneak around the game knifing people. I played this game long enough to figure out the physcology of how people think, where they go, how they play, so that way whenever I play, I know where people go, and I can sneak up on them and kill them. Ever since sit-rep, I'll go to sneak up on someone, and they will arbitrarily trun around and shoot me, then I find out they had sit-rep.


I loved sneaking around with my clan, but I can't do this anymore. Today everygame I joined there was at least 1 person on each team using sit-rep pro. They were the only ones killing me. While I was dead, I looked at my teamates, and they would have sit-rep pro. I am not exagerating when I say everygame. the ones using sit-rep had High K/Ds and those that weren't (like me) all had negative KDRs.


From this day forward, I have given up on the call of duty series, I'm never playing it again it literally ruined my whole day.

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    No one is going to miss a person who cant handle adpating to the 2 percent of the players that ever use the Pro Perk and can accuratly tell where you are.


    So you just found out TODAY that at least one person in every game had SitRep Pro on ?


    Another person who thinks he is so great (2000th place) that cant adapt to the normal way the perk is run.


    So tell me HOW you could tell at least one player in every game on YOUR team was using SitRep Pro ?


    And so EVERY GAME some player had on Turtle Beaches and heard you coming ?


    Dead Silence is a noob perk. Dead Silence is easy to counter WITHOUT SitRep. Its called using your eyes and playing the game. Many many people can tell where you are using Dead Silence without relying on footsteps. Now that you cant use it no more , youre quitting ?


    You may want to get used to it . IW doesnt care if you leave and neither does Activision. They got your money.

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    i think sit rep pro is a joke 2 my friend told me he was on santuary and he was on the bridge and could hear people in the corridor thatis just a joke i totally agree with lilstar and as for people using it i c that at least 2 people in a game are using it and i bet they have turtle beaches on that enhances footsteps even more IW have no idea how to make a call of duty game TREYACRH as so superior in just about everything !!!!

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    I honestly have never really had this problem with sit-rep. I don't really think its that great of a perk but then again this comes from a person without turtle beaches. If you got camping problems there is always the almighty grenade.

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    I Play Search and Destroy, So when I die, I can view my teamates playing, and I see they have sit-rep pro. You probably play team death match or something, so you wouldn't understand how big a deal it is. Search and Destroy takes more skill than other game types, because it requires strategy.


    I could adapt to the game by also using sit-rep pro, but I'm not going to stoop down to your level to have to play the game.


    The perk is overpowered, made for people to just sit, listen, and wait for people to come to them.


    starbuckfrack wrote:


    Dead Silence is a noob perk. Dead Silence is easy to counter WITHOUT SitRep. Its called using your eyes and playing the game. Many many people can tell where you are using Dead Silence without relying on footsteps. Now that you cant use it no more , youre quitting ?




    Those people that play using their eyes I can easily beat because I can sneak up on them. When they use sit rep, I watch the kill cams and they always hear me coming from at least 30 meters away, and they sit and wait for me to come, kill me, then go back to moving around. Dead silence never ruined the gameplay like this. You said it is easy to counter without sitrep. that suppourts my reasoning, so I don't know why your arguing with me. It's easy to counter without sit-rep, so Why add it? How do you counter Sit rep? move slow. makes gameplay boring. I'm not going to adapt to a boring game.


    Before TODAY, I would play, and most games would have sit-rep pro players in them, but I would keep playing for those few games where nobody had sit-rep pro. Those games I had fun. Even If I didn't do as well, I knew that I died fair and square, not to some sit rep pro user that hears me 30 meters away and waits for me because they know my exact position.


    I bet your the type of person to use dual FMG9s, and Strikers, and you think your good.



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    The run and gun cry babies are ruining the game more than anything else.

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    starbuckfrack wrote:


    No one is going to miss a person who cant handle adpating to the 2 percent of the players that ever use the Pro Perk and can accuratly tell where you are.


    So you just found out TODAY that at least one person in every game had SitRep Pro on ?

    You're math is awful and your assumptions are inaccurate at best.  1 person in every game with SRP would be, at minimum, 5.5% of players using the perk.  And that's probably low.  If a party of try hards joins your lobby it's very likely they're all using SRP.  Had a game the other night where a party of 5 joined my game and at least 4 of them were using SRP, Assassin and portable radars while camping.  The 5th was crouch-walking around the map trying to get a MOAB and when I ended his streak using my very own ***** class (yes, my 1 class with SRP and assassin is very appropriately titled "***** CLASS" and I only use it when ******* are in my game using those perks) he actually had the audacity to whine about it.  Then he and his SRP-using, camping boyfriends tried to call me out after the game because I, playing by myself, only managed to go something like +6 against their party of camping SRP users.  The reason for their callout being my high K/D, 20th prestige and high kill confirmed rank.  Replying to their sad attempts at trash talk was easy because all I had to do was point out their play style.  The kid whose MOAB streak I ended was especially upset and sent me messages on Xbox Live for the next couple hours...lol.


    Long story short, there are a lot more than just 2% of players using this ridiculously overpowered perk on EVERY SINGLE CLASS THEY HAVE and the majority play like little *******.

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    Facepalm ... not again.  This has to be the billionth thread on the same tired issue that only goes to show just how many people have no concept of adapting and although they think that they are great players, apparently can't possibly do well unless they are completely off the radar and can't be heard.  Please do everyone a favor and work on your game skills.  It's not that hard to get kills.  It's not that hard to check your corners.  I get kills all the time with UAV's in the air, no assassin, no sitrep, no dead silence.  It requires gunskill and good tactics.  That's all.  Honestly, I don't know how some people ever finished the campaign mode.  You know the AI knows exactly where you are in campaign.  That's way more powerful than any perk combo that you'll see in multiplayer.

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    Confessions of a sound whore...yeah thats me. Sound whore all day every day.


    Two things...


    1) I use Sit-Rep Pro on 80% of my classes. I also have Turtle Beach XP500's and use the louder footstep preset. If its dead quiet [nothing in the air, no voice overs, no explosions etc] I can barely hear a Dead Silence Pro user, like barely.


    So lets recap, I use SR Pro along with a programmable top headset and if the moon is in line with the sun I can barely hear DS Pro users.


    Your probably engaging enemies when everything is quiet and your prolly running over a surface that makes a louder footstep anyway. Like metal or etc.


    In all honesty, If IW did tweek SR Pro like they say they did, its barely noticable.


    The problem here is Operator Error, and the operator is you. No big whoop. Take my humble advice and don't run around so care-free...wait for gun-fire, voice over, explosion, etc to make that move into hostile territory.


    2) Starbuckfrack...


    Your one of the elements that brings ruin to this site. My guess is your an older guy like myself. How did I guess that? Despite being a trendy coffee joint, Starbuck is a character from Battlestar Galactica. Frack is a swear word they used in the show as well as in Cyber-Punk novela. All old guy stuff, hence my deduction.


    I don't post here much because of mini-mod types like yourself. There is nothing more irratating than seeing your name as the 1st guy to post on someone elses thread with some sort of negative commentary. Being an older guy, where in the frack do you get off man? Post after post, thread after thread of mini-modding and negative commentary...is there no end to it?


    Maybe try and help someone out from time to time, actually...how about doing that the majority of the time? If you help them, it might do the entire community a favor.


    Think about what your doing here. In another place far far away, I have a high post count of about 12k in posts...ONLY THING IS IT TOOK ME 7 YEARS TO GET THAT NUMBER. You have 8+k in 1 year. No flames...all seriousness...you have a serious problem that needs addressing. Your posting about 23x here per day. Enough is enough.


    I don't want another year of reading this crap when BO2 drops.

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    Play domination like 5% of the people ive played use it.

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