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Well first things first FIX THE DAMN LMG's attachments GET rid of thermal because people think they are slick because they can use grip and thermal which equals HOLDING BREATH AND GRIP EQUALS NO RECOIL and in thrminal ppl love spawn traping were C flag is because there is no way for us to go to to the left open flanking postiion to the right campers its so damn annoying THATS WHY PPL LOVE THAT MAP BECAUSE PPL CAN JUST SPAWN TRAP and for the spawn make it like this if one player is getting 10 kills within 3 seconds that means that BOOM MOVE THE TEAM BEHEIND THEM so we can capture a flag so PLZ FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAKE A PATCH

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    Or you can stop complaining I have yet to be killed by thermal and grip and on top of that you can leave the game if they spawn trap or go to B or A from the plane.

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      Thermal is so cheap i dont see how they figure a LMG would not kick with a thermal scope on it.  Honestly it should kick more since the scope is right on your eye.  Thank god Black Ops 2 is almost out.  This game sucks all around and I hope they do not make another Call of Duty game.  This game just helps the players that are horrible and makes the competitive players step down to their level to do well.

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    I'm prone for using my Gold MK60 with a thermal scope, and if you know anything about actual warfare, they are used on weapons quite often especially sniper rifles and mounted machine guns. You would also know that running around with a lmg and actually landing kilt streak kills is damn near impossible. It's strategy, not cheating.