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Hey everyone, Thanks so much for looking at my post. I have been playing mw3 for a while now and i am getting pretty bored of it, Are you guys?. So my friend and I and came up with an idea. We are searching for a clan of 6-8ppl. We are looking for decent players who are interested in participating in some fun/hard, Challenges. These challenges will start off easy and will get harder (As we are starting up a youtube channel and will be starting off from scratch with no subs or viewers) The only requirements is that you have to be honest(Do what we tell you, like don't start shooting if it is a knife only challenge, and stuff like that) Mature, Please dont join us and talk stupid stuff like, it's fine to be cool and stuff but NO cracking jokes at other people, offending them or making fun of other players as we will be disappointed in you and will not hesitate to delete you. Be considerate, You can mention ideas and we will more than likely use your ideas but don't keep spamming us on ideas if we r focusing on other challenges) AND RESPECT OTHERS). So these challenges will consist of things like winning domination 200-0( can only be done on interchande) win kc(65-0) and some easier challenges like winning tdm with a silenced msr only or win tdm with moabs only or a12 silenced e,t,c. I am 17, But i don't feel like age should stop you so if you are younger than me don't hesitate to ask me. we don't have mics but will be getting one soon. we don't have a pvr but will be getting one soon. Please message me or comment below if you are interested. We are from Australia. My psn ID is: xinsane-beastzz thanks in advance and also message me telling me you want to apply for this challenge thingy haha anyways guys have a good one! THANKS