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Host brings EVERYONE down to 1 Red Bar... wtf?

OK, I've been host over hundreds of games between BOPS and MW3 so I know the pitfalls of hosting and that you needs a pretty decent connection to get chosen as host.. I've been playing with a clan member that was ALWAYS running a 1 or 2 Red Bar connection several months back.  He went offline for a few months and recently came back with a new internet connection.  Now, he seems to have a decent connection and has all green bars...


He will just about always end up getting host at some point and as soon as he does everyone in the lobby, including him go to 1 RED BAR across the board.  Not only that, but that is where everyone's connection stays for the entire match.  There is no onscreen lag but it becomes almost impossible to get a kill.  How is the game picking him to run host if this is what happens? 


I'm wondering if something happens to his connection and it gets throttled down once he has host for some reason.  How much upload data would be going outbound while playing this game as host?  Maybe the problem is he has a very small upload pipeline?  It's crazy and I just leave the matches as soon as he get host now.