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Will people ever stop camping on non-objective modes?

First off, let me point something out- Camping is not entirely bad. Defending an objective on modes such as CTF and Demolition are perfectly legit. Even though I've stopped playing TDM, I find it ridiculous on how many players need to hide in a corner in order to get their killstreaks.


Well, if I run and gunned for a 6 or 7 killstreak and was close to a Reaper, I'd try to hold onto that killstreak too. But camping in a corner the entire game for no reason just slows the game down. TDM campers say it's what soldiers in real life would be doing, and how the game was meant to be realistic.


Never mind the fact that throwing knives to the foot kill you, getting shot 2 times is no big deal because you can just feel better once you get to cover, etc.


Air support: Sorry, we can't help you out yet. You have not killed 7 enemies yet.


Soldier: -_-



Campers can feel free to troll in the comments, I really don't take them seriously.

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    Played TDM today full of 20/80 campers.I destroyed them. I just went back to domination. I got shot in my back by a guy in corner like 20 times though.

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    TDM is very campy for sure. But you have to remember that everybody moves around the map at there own pace. Many people see a 2 second kill cam and bam, camper. Also, in TDM, lets say Arkaden, the ledge outside or the snack shop inside give you great cover and a great view of major thorough fares. Hence, I go there to mow players down. The problem is that everyone has there own definition of what it is. It has been around since the dawn of gaming. Heck, one could say if you move cautiously around the map then you camp. I think the camping that's driving you crazy is the kind where a player takes up position crouched in a corner. The worst is when you run into a whole team. Then you basically have to try and out camp them but sadly, if you have green horns on your team, they just feed them kills like crazy.


    Conclusion: It's been around since the dawn of warfare and gaming. It won't go away. Just do what you can to save yourself if your teammates suck.