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Do IW think we are stupid?


Parish is quite obviously a Face-off map, but IW knew if they announced any more of those there would be uproar!

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    Does IW think we are stupid?* lol


    Oh, and, um, maybe?

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    indeed i posted the same.


    normal spawning is just not possible on this map.

    Have they even tested this, how can you release something like this.

    i love to play this game, but IW is just raping us with this crap.



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    Yes, they think you're stupid. When they can release a broken product and make millions in profit, then release another product almost identical and make millions more why should they have to listen to you guys? You keep buying their games, they keep pissing consumers off, they still make millions.

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    in fact they know they we are stupid. We where stupid enough to stay until the end of the MW serie. And we keep playing while we are beeing frustrated every time.


    Thats just what it is in my opinion, this game can be so much fun, there are just these things like spawning an lag that can ruin everything sometimes.


    But the map parish is just fuel on the fire of frustration

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    I'll prob get slammed for saying this on here, but.... I appreciate that there are a few 'issues' with the game, however overall I think IW have done a damn good job. It seems now they can't please some people, people who continue to regularly play the game and post on forums about it despite hating it so much. Yeah the lag is bad sometimes and needs to be fixed, but complaining about new maps/content... come on. Parish is small, it's meant to be small. It provides an extremely fast paced game where everyone has to get involved. If you don't like maps like that because they don't suit your gaming style, then leave on the odd occasion it comes up in the lobby. IW can't please everyone all the time. If they brought out a five map pack and they were all the same then folk would also complain. There is plenty scope in the game for you to pick and choose what you play. By the way I have no connection to IW before the accusations start flying, I just enjoy the game for what it is.

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      Ahh a light of reason in a sea of discontent.  Now if we can just get some people complaining that Gulch is too big and Boardwalk is too average sized then everybody can have their complaints heard.

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        I suppose it is easy to come onto a forum such as this and read a handfull of hatefull comments about this and that. However the reality is that there are probably millions (no idea of the actual number, but loads) of people enjoying the game and not finding fault every two minutes when part of it doesn't suit them. IW need to cater for everyone, casual and serious gamers alike, both pay money for the game. Myself and the other gamers I know don't have any issue with the game. Sure I get a bad spawn once in a while or miss a kill due to lag, but it doesn't 'ruin' the game or make it so terrible I begin to hate its creators. Maybe a thread should be started to point out all the good points about the game and why even the haters keep going back to it...

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      What choice is there beside playing the latest release?  The previous titles are hacked to death due to no support two months (or less) after a new title is released.  I can think of two COD games I would rather be playing, COD 4 and W@W.  Good maps, 3-5-7 killstreaks, and actually FUN to play.


      Just my opinion.

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    I really do not think that it is a face off map.  Though the spawns are really bad.  My biggest question. is how come I never spawn in right behind someone like they do me.

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    The funny thing is that some of the Face Off maps are larger or the same size as older multiplayer maps, like Shipment...

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      I think that Parish was supposed to be a Face-off map and Boardwalk started off as one that they made bigger to pass off as a regular map. I think they realized the backlash it would have caused if they released yet more Face-Off maps.