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Can't upload to Youtube anymore


Hi guys i used to be able to upload clips from COD to Elite/Youtube now they don't appear. I've waiting 24 hours and still nothing shows.

I have recently changed youtube channel and gamertag but i unlinked both youtube and gamertag from elite and relinked with new. Rendered and still nothing. I've contacted support and they apologised but sent me email about some steps i could complete my end which i have not recieved yet. I used to be able to upload a video and within 5minutes it be on youtube already "processing" now if i wait 24 hours there is still nothing there.


It renders to Facebook fine. But youtube is a whole different matter and Youtube is what i need the most so i can download the video from youtube to make into montages. Can't seem to download the video from Facebook. (if you know how please let me know)


Anyone know what i can do to fix it. Please help