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*****XBOX 360 Clan - The Expendables - Looking to recruit new Elite Premium Members*****

The Expendables are looking to recruit you! We are a clan of aproximately 50 members and we are looking to expand to larger numbers. I know that when I jump online, it's great to have a few people from the clan on no matter what hour it is so I can have a team to play with. The more members we have, the better the chances are that we will have more people to play with.


We take part in all clan ops and challenges and we usually rank silver or gold. We are currently seeking mature members, ages 18+, however we are not opposed to recruiting younger members. We are a very laid back clan and we enjoy gaming together and winning but, more importantly, we like to have a good time. If you are interested in joining The Expendables, send me a message on XBOX Live and we can go from there. My GT is THATDONFC. Some other members you can contact about joining The Expendables are: WizGuy69, XILEDxJOKERx, GoW xXRAMPAGEXx, XILEDxJESTERx


We look forward to meeting all of you who are interested. Thanks for stopping by.