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Team LeNz recruiting - LEVEL 20 on ELITE - anyone can join - Gold clan tag + clan title -

Team LeNz Is an Xbox MW3 clan, with currently 40 members registered on our ELITE clan. Our goal is to have 99 members registered on our ELITE clan, which is the maximum amount of people you can have in a clan! Our clan is currently level 20 on ELITE. We do not do clan operations, we level up our clan by doing clan challenges. Don't worry, we get 300-500 clan xp every day from daily and weekly clan challenges. We sign up for every clan challenge, you can check the clan challenges we are currently doing at our clan page on ELITE.


To join:


-Search 'Team LeNz' on Cod Elite, and make an application, OR

-Send a message to "LeNz Dubb" on Xbox, and I'll send you a clan invite.



Here is a link to our elite clan: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/2631432#clan-challenges


==There are no requirements to join our clan on ELITE!==






However, if you would like to play with Team LeNz as a clan, you must have a k/d ratio of 1.0+. We are a friendly community of players that likes to have fun and mess around, but we are also serious about winning every game. To play with Team LeNz, YOU MUST BE ATLEAST 13 YEARS OLD! If you have a k/d ratio of 1.0+ and you'd like to play with Team LeNz, send a message and friend request to "LeNz Dubb", and I'll invite you when we play as a clan. We mostly play Team Deathmatch, but clan members can request to play any other game type. Thanks guys!


A little bit about the owner (LeNz Dubb), if you were wondering:

-16 years old

-Lives in Ohio

-Likes to play basketball + COD

-Likes to watch football, Cleveland Browns fan

-Youtube account - istuny0u