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I  Am Looking For A Well, Organized, Top Ranked Clan (PS3)


I am currently looking for a well, organized, top ranked clan. If there are anymore clans still recruiting, please continue to read my post.
I am 20th prestige, level 80 on MW3 and have played every Call of Duty from MW1 and up. I would only like to join a clan that is level 38 or above due to the fact that i own a clan that is that level but am passing the torch to another member. If you are asking me why i am passing the torch, it is because i just can't keep up with every single clan op anymore. (But can do almost every one) Here is some more information about me:


-Timezone: Pacific Time

-Premium Member

-Age: 16 (I hope that does not effect anything, i left my clan because i was tired of playing with imature kids).

Since MW1, my kd has gone from 1.16, (MW1) 1.50 (WAW) 1.70 (MW2) 2.30 (Black Ops) and was 2.80 in mw3 (Before i started my clan) It has dropped because i just stopped trying, but now i am back at it, and have a 3.00 kd. 

- I have 2 accounts Canadian-Pride27 (Premium Account) kidisgood96 (my account i use besides clan ops)


Personal Cod Goals Achieved

MW3: Clan owner
-Came 8th, & 19th place in the world in Lone Wolf Operations.
-In Clan Ops, came 44th in the world
-In Clan Ops, my highest record for Kill Confirmed is 474 Confirms in 3 hours
-In Lone Wolf Operations, my highest record for TeamDeath Match kills is 649.



What im looking for in a clan

-At least level 38 or higher (as i said above)




I'm willing to tryout if needed. If any clans are interested with the requirements, could you please reply to this thread and maybe i could play a couple games with you to see if im a right fit for you?


Thank you

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    The F.Y.C. clan is a mature group of players that have played together since cod4. We have 92 members, more than 50 are premium or founders. We are a regular tdm based clan and are level 45. I would be willing to give you a go even though your 16. From what i'm seeing on your profile is that you play mainly tdm yourself so you would be a pretty damn good fit from what i'm seeing. We are tryin to get to level 50 before bop2 comes out. My ps3 name is McCownClan-Matt if you are intrested. Or you can fill out a app. We play every kind of clan op even though we mainly play regular tdm.

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    I'm in the 1st recon unit clan, we are level 47 soon to be level 48 and we play all clan ops. We have an amazing clan op strategy for kill confirmed and team death match. My psn  is U_ABOUT_TO_DIE, look at my games from yesterday in tdm and you'll see our strategy is pretty good, I had 60 and 70 kill games in tdm. We are well organized and with your stats I think you will be a good fit. Reply to this message or message me on psn if you want in.

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    looking for PREMIUMMEMBERS requirements:PREMIUM MEMBER,HAVEMIC,SPEAKENGLISH,at least 1.0K/D,know how to have fun(nobody like to lose though), take part in CLANOPS to help us place better.Just post on the clan wall or apply to join. Also nobody annoying no exceptions.If you aren't premium then all I ask is that you be willing to take part in clan challenges.