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Weird stuff happening


Are there a few hacks out there in play right now? Last night while playing there were a few times during one game where Predator Missiles just rapid fired from above and immediately hit the ground in a second or two, not the typical few seconds it takes where you hear it coming, see the icon on the map and see it track into a spot and blow up. This was almost automatic. It happened in 3 matches before I jumped out of the lobby because coincidentally there were 3 guys on the other team that I just coud, not, kill. Magazines were shot into them and I wasn't even getting hit markers.


I don't think it was lag because I was having no issues killing anyone else, just those guys specifically.


If it's a hack it's a pretty good one.

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    It's funny you mention not being able to kill someone because I was in a TDM lobby with a friend  the other day and we both could not kill two guys on the other team.

    You can understand it when you have lag problems but when you both say exactly the same about the same two guys you start thinking something isn't quite right.

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      totally agree with these comments sometimes its almost as if your bullets go through these people.

      i also had a game of hardcore dom the other day and this kid was getting crazy scores every game like 84-4 and he was almost impossible to kill, he was using vests but they seemed to make him need about 20 bullets just to kill him and i just thought something fishy was going on so i checked back on theatre to see what he was doing and he was pulling out vests without even killing people, u normally have to kill 4or5 people to get vests but he was pulling them out from the start of the game even when he hadnt killed any1 to get the reward of a vest, also he was pulling them out but not using them most of the time.

      the other thing i found suprising was that he was carrying 4 main heavy assault guns at the same time, he wasnt switching classes because he didnt die enough for that to take effect, he was also using a bouncing betty but still had grenades too which is impossible as there both part of the same perk.

      hacking is definately going on for sure.

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    OH!... one last thing I totally forgot to mention...


    Those three dudes I couldn't kill... during the last match before I bolted I came round the truck back by B (playing Domination) on Underground and there one of the guys was kneeling down looking at a computer in hand. I assumed he was piloting the Reaper above us. I was no more than 5 feet away and I aimed down sight with my MK14 and shot him square in the head. Or so I thought. No hit marker. Shot 2. Shot 3. Shot 4, 5, 6, 7... no hit makers and I'm now shooting all over his body. I finally ran up and stabbed him which thankfully did him in.


    After the match ended I bolted. I reported him for cheating and bolted from the lobby.

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      Weird stuff has been happening since the beginning of opening night my friends lol.

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      I've come across a bizarre situation.


      Playing TDM in Carbon and I'm playing as the PMC and I select my class before the countdown reached zero.  I head off, as I usually do, to the small "building" on the right.  I barely reach the machine in the middle and an enemy has killed me and I was running my way there with an MP7 and Stinger.  How can the Africa Militia run that fast from their start point?

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    yea, i noticed this yesterday...last night and today... entire mags at point blank range..no hit markers..no hit sounds either...

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    Spawned on an IMS tonight and a Betty, then 2 shotted someone laying down at point blank range with a shotgun for him to get up and run away and I eventually killed him from about 50 yards away.


    Rubber band lag and killed round corners numerous times in every game.


    Feels like a normal night on MW3 to me.

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    Aside from lag..No hit detection,Multiple hit markers,Bullets that go around corners and spawning next to an enemy (which has been the norm for this game since it came out),but has progressively gotton worse..Ive noticed that people will just appear in front of you now..Not spawning but just suddenly appear