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MW3 clan recruiting for Black Ops 2

Vengeful Ops (VOPS) is a fun mature gaming community for people over the age of 21 and was formed by the creator of another successful clan.


The majority of our member play SnD so we are looking for gamers who play other game modes too.


Previously we recruited worlwide but the second generation of VOPS is concentrating mainly on EU gamers. At the moment we are playing MW3 but we will soon be focusing on Black Ops 2, although other games will be played.


Your k/d is not important as we recruit casual and competitive members alike. The more competitive of us are in the Vengeful Ops Elite team and take part in all clan challenges and clan ops.


We have regular scrimmages with other clans, internal competitions and fun nights. Some of our matches are videod and put on our youtube channel. We are also on Twitter and Facebook.


If you are over 21, have a mic and would like to join us add LadyHazard on PSN remembering to put 'VOPS' in the message.


Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon.