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I explained why in the notice of the ban is also in the midst of those who use the glitch?

Today I read on the internet that Treyarch or Activision (I did not understand if both or one of the two) have started to ban accounts of people who use and Hack Ps3 moddate (modified), and until then no problem, in fact it makes me also instill pleasure because I have always paid my games (spending much money) and I've never used anything for cheating in games (I never installed any programs to ps3). LEGIT player are short as they say in cybernetico.Però I read the part of the notice concerning GLITCH.Ho already commented about it (i have yet to see if anyone has responded) but I prefer to open a post, also because people like me who have made ​​use of these bugs in the game maybe you remove the fear that I have to meet from day to day in a ban without doing anything male.Comunque going to the point of the question, it says on notice that users should not use the glitch "to the detriment of other players," so this I hope it means that only applies to the normal multiplayer mode and not for the zombies rule no? Because if you leave the map in multiplayer and then Camperig is a way of cheating, although as I see it, if you play the 've bought and in the same game you bought without having made ​​any changes there are things that can be done then it should be the same MANUFACTURER to deal FIXING IT and not the users receive a ban.Ma if I use a glitch in zombie mode to procure another player damage? Then I should not be at risk if banks do so? YES OR nO? If I also explained why they are also more happy.Sorry for my bad english but i'v used the google translator.Thank you.