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Question to those who say they will not buy BOP2?


Why are you saying thank you Treyarch for taking out Blah Blah Blah, now you wont get my money and I wont buy this game?  Then why is it when I check gamertags on Elite, you are still playing the game?


How many of you actually quit playing MW3 or will not play BOPS 2 and follow through?  The reason why I ask is because if you were not at all interested in playing this game, then why post in this forum.  Activision knows you will keep playing this game regardless of your empty threats.  Quit wasting our time with your rage messages because you cant adjust your game play.  The only thing Treyarch needs to do is to make sure QS is gone.  Noobtubes on HC would be great if they disappeared.


Anyways,  quit saying you will not buy the game when you will be in line at gamestop six hours before game release trying to get your copy before everyone else