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Sniping only playlist


When will there be a sniping only playlist? Is there going to be one? Should there be new maps or should we play on the ones we already have?

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    There should be, the amount of people i see trying to QS, trickshot etc and fail is quite ridiculous and rather annoying when it means my team lose because of that. I'd be open to this type of playlist. Use the existing maps and maybe add 1 or 2 that are abit more open like Wasteland on MW2.

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      AVIT-U-TRAMP wrote:


      the amount of people i see trying to QS, trickshot etc and fail is quite ridiculous


      Must be nice, I can't tell you how many times I get QS'd by someone who isn't even looking at me. I always get ****** over on that BS

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    there is a sniping only playlist.

    It is call a "Private Match"




    Even if there was a public sniping playlist, people would still find a way to come into the other game modes and ruin it for everyone else.


    Hah! I would rather see a "no sniping" playlist, if we are going down that road.

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    it would be a good idea, get all the QSers out of objective game modes. just sayin'

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      oh if it would only be that easy!

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        Only if it was a true 'Sniping Playlist' disable Quick Scoping. So you had to go prone and sneak, like in M.A.G. Which took true skill to snipe in that game. Deply Bi-Pods etc.

        Where you actually had to hunt and stalk your pray


        A bit like Sniper Elite 2.

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          I don't think anyone knows what true "sniping" is in this game. Either you're a quickscoper or a hardscoper There is no such thing as a hardscoper as that's what real snipers are supposed to do. I think the whole notion of COD sniping has corrupted many minds in this game. Everyone seems to think you SHOULD be able to quickscope someone in real life just as you would in the game. They don't get it. Were they to deploy such a playlist for true sniping, pretty sure all the l337 qcK sCoperz would back out immediately right after they call everyone a camping noob.


          OT: I actually bought Sniper Elite 2 right after someone traded it in at my local GameStop. Why did he return it? He couldn't quick scope in that game so he though it was lame