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Need Domination Players (Xbox 360)



Looking for domination players.
Since Black Ops II will be here within a couple of months I'm trying to meet up new people who likes to play domination. I will try to rank top 10 for this depending on how the leaderboards are going to work in BO2. Need those who plays Domination a lot and knows how to work the spawns.
For the first few months of MW3 I ranked top 100 for domination than just ended up not playing as much due to lack of finding teams.
Stat Requirements:
1.6 K/D+
1.0 W/L+
200 SPM+
10 Days Played+
1m+ Score in Domination
Other Requirements:
OPEN Nat Type
United States/Canada
16 Years or older
W/L > K/D
Already Pre-ordered Black Ops 2


If you are interested, add me on Xboxlive with a message so I know who you are. Gamertag : Dozerdown.


I also stream at Twitch.tv/dozerdown for those who enjoy watching streams.