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Join Clan - Double XP Yours (XBOX360)

Hi guys, Call of Duty MW3 players!


If you are mad about the game, then everything you need is to join JUST_PLAY clan. We are active players seeking to destroy our enemies and strengthen the clan. Clan is strongly active in Clan Operations and Challenges. Soon we will have Double XP.




$ Clan Name - JUST_PLAY

$ Clan Level - 9

$ Clan Members - 9

$ UK based




$ Premium ELITE or Founder Members no K/D

$ Non-Premium ELITE Members K/D of 1.2+

$ Age 16+ preferred

$ Must do Clan Operations & Challenges

$ Must follow Clan Operations & Challenges schedule




To join the clan, you can alternatively reply to this post with your gamertag or send a message over XBOX Live to TomassTheKiller.


Thanks for reading, see you at Battlefield!