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How Exactly Will Ghost Work?


I was having a talk with my brother about how the new Ghost will work, and we couldn't work out how it would work entirely. 


One thing we know, if you are moving you will not be picked up on radar.  This is fine, and we can all understand this, but what about if the UAV scans and you are not moving, get caught on UAV and then start moving?  Does your red dot on the map dissapear?


Knowing is very important, because you could be constantly straffing left to right, technically always moving, but there is a point when straffing from left to right where the game could consider you not moving and catch you on radar.  Will new movement clear the red dot?


If the red dot on the map does not dissapear then I see some serious issues with ghost, and I would possibly consider it underpowered, and almost not worth picking up as a perk.


How will ghost work in black ops 2?