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(PS3) Clan EMS Recruiting



I'm Serontic94, Leader of EMS (Elite Merc Squad)

Looking for a Clan for Black Ops?

Well EMS is currently recruiting all types and your Kill/Death Ratio does not matter

if you are bad then you can train with the rest of the other clan members, if EMS sounds

familiar its cause we are from Modern Warfare 1 & 2 also, we are a PS3 Clan ONLY

Upon request to join EMS you will be invited to do a 1v1 on Nuketown verse Me, the other Leader

or another Recruit doing it, do note at times if more the one joins it will be a 2v2 (You two verse Me and the other Leader)

or it will be Me and a Recruit verse a Recruit and a Leader, You must be mature when gaming with EMS, if you got a

mic and you start trashtalking you have a chance of being kicked outta the Clan, also on a side not, please have [Text Chat]

it is not required and is optional but its a plus to have it

Leaders of EMS are

Serontic94 (Online Now)

armani2cool (Online Now)