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Activision = Idiots


Why on Earth would you make the MatchMaking search outside our Home Country for a Game 1st. If i wanted to play with french r F#ckin spanish People all day i would. But i am sick of joining games and not 1 person speaking english. R u so Retarded u Can let us play in a local server... there would be no need for host compensation if we wernt playing foreign f#cks allday long. .. IDIOTS thats What u are.. my ping to uk 69 . my ping to europe 480.


Activision + IW = IDIOTS

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    Join_NSC_UKs_No1Clan wrote:


    my ping to uk 69 . my ping to europe 480.


    Activision + IW = IDIOTS

    if you're pinging 67 in the uk and 400+ to europe the problem isn't with Iw or Av its your connection.


    Im in wales on a bog standard bt adsl connection, i never ping more than around 80ms to the two countries i get matched with most italy and spain.


    seems your problem isnt so much one of connection but of language

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      You can always count that between 1am-5am (central for me)  that on the 'Elite Hardcore Moshpit' playlist  you will always have someone from another country in your lobby.  Game after game.   Even had games where teammates and myself were trying to communicate locations even though we didn't speak the same language.  I swear it was probably the most fun I've had on MW3, although my connection bar was at a constant 2 yellow.  Luckily alot of foreign players can also speak english, but I mean really I would love to keep in region/country if at all possible.