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PS3 system update caused serious lag?


Hey guys I don't know if this has happened with you, but ever since the latest system update for PS3 I have been extremely laggy. I will be on a 4 bar great connection and randomly lag for no reason at all. I've been playing the game since release, and let me tell you, the game was laggy, but not this laggy, and it if continues, I'm going to Black Ops.


UNLESS, you guys are having the same issue, it SHOULD be fixed soon. Are you guys having this issue?

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    Ever notice how every time there is an update (be it PS3 or COD TU) a few threads pop up how "all of the sudden, I am lagging"?


    Thaink about that for a sec

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    Always been laggy for me .. I give up hoping that it will ever get fixed ..


    Just the other day, I hard wired my PS3 and open my ports in the hopes that being host more often wouldn't put me at such a disadvantage, but I was wrong .. Same old stuff .. Getting owned by lag all over again every match ..


    So, disconnected and re-connected wirelessly, closed ports and brought my QoS back down to 128 kBs .. Majority of my games are playable with about 1 out of every 6 games laggy and 1 out of every 100 where I feel like I'm superman ..


    I always try to see the positive in everything .. In this case, MW3 has kept me acquainted with my router and everything that is connected to my router .. Yup, thats about it for the positive stuff ..

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    So here's the deal.  Ever since the games release, I've been able to play SOLO beast mode, or with a team and have OK games (some lag and some good).  After the latest update though, it is completely reversed for me.  Unless I'm in a FULL party, I am getting some pretty laggy games.


    These last couple of days, I'll get online after work.  Pick up a buddy or two and start our session.  Normally it's lagfest central, and we'll spend the next few games complaining about how crappy the lag is and about ready to quit, when a few more people jump online.  We snag them up, have a full party now and BAM, some of the best games of the day.


    I am thoroughly confused on the changes they made with the last update (if any).  I think they may just be releasing "placebos" b/c they have no clue how to fix it and want the general public to truly believe they are working hard on correcting the issue.


    I bet if they started a poll right now of the forum users, 95% of us would all say there isn't going to be a fix before the release of BOPS2, this game is already collecting dust on the DEVS minds.

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    I still have laggy games, but I actually have noticed how lately that I have had alot more full bar games.  Don't know if Im just getting better matchmaking, or what.  Although in prior updates I did have absolute lag differential that occured after update that wasn't happening prior.  I have also been hopping on BlackOps alot more these days, just to get back in the mode.  I seem to have the same 'bar' issues but have alittle bit better hit detection.  I mean with, in all reality, just over a month left in the game.   It is what it is... it was what it was...as far as lag issues go.

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    For the most part at least for me I don't think the lag has gotten any better or worst still a hit and miss somtimes good other horrible. I can say though that for the past week or two I've had good bars (if those green little bastards even mean jack crap) and still lag a little and yesterday I wasn't lagging but I kept seeing this friendly on my team would be jumpin in the air and electic sliding for 5-10 feet.

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    Same thing for me, totally unplayable this morning (more than usual), lagfest in all corner.

    i think it's due to the psn update and the hotfix, it makes times to propagate all this crap, really boring seriously.

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    I have definitely noticed more lag since the last system update. Frustrating as hell. I've had some lag issues off and on after some of the software updates, but I can't remember a system update causing me trouble like this. This is only my 2nd COD, and I'm addicted, but the past couple nights have made me want to snap my controller...

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    I didn't lag but my internet connection went down on me twice while I was playing online yesterday

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    I have nothing to add either, but felt the need to inject my awesomeness into this thread.