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[Youtube] Chaîne de FowToutEclateR :)

Hello everybody,


Welcome to the topics of my chain(channel) YouTube:)


I appear my name is Quentin I have 16ans soon 17, I am in junior year of high school in economic and social sciences, me makes videos since 5mois, soon 2.000abonnés (as you read the message of course).


On my chain(channel) shall find you any sorts of videos, all in touch with call of duty, shall find you:


Top 5 Kill (who(which) clips result me from my subscribers):


Episode 1: http: // www.youtube.com / watch? V=qr1CQ4qPvx8

Episode 2: http: // www.youtube.com / watch? V=zdwa4ivqFnw

Episode 3: http: // www.youtube.com / watch? V=cbcZsWEPpSU

Episode 4: http: // www.youtube.com / watch? V=VwPDg9eQ3sM

Episode 5: http: // www.youtube.com / watch? V=7mmR_an7HR0

And of other episode which(who) will arrive afterward


Big challenges (I am not quite going to put in you the links but only the best):


Frags challenges 75 in MRS has p90: http: // www.youtube.com / watch? V=ZEWMl7lPjNc


Free the osprey without making of kill: http: // www.youtube.com / watch? V=bv7E4geaR7Y


Moab attempt in the deagle: http: // www.youtube.com / watch? V=rXNc8sKHnao


Attempt doubles moab in ksg12: http: // www.youtube.com / watch? V=31nbEav13ek


And to end with a flourish this topics, my special video 1.000abonnés against MrLeV12: http: // www.youtube.com / watch? V=Ppmoml-dt10


I have a project for my 2.000abonnés which will be under forms of 3vidéos (a live with big person(main part) youtubers, a speed art and an edict on clips magnificent of my subscribers)


If you want to follow me on Facebook, add FowToutEclater youtubr so that I can you send videos has their exit(release) because as you owe surement the knowledge, YouTube bug died at the moment:)


I hope that this topics will have you tempt to cross(spend) to make a tour(ballot) on my chain(channel). I also hope that shall follow me to you and that I shall make you pass of good moment throughout my adventure on YouTube:)


Thank you for having took time to read my topics. (sorry but i'm not the best in english )