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Clan Challenge (Beta) Awarded **Yet another Elite mess up

This is Just UTTER BS!! I completed yesterdays clan challenge for most Domination Points Capture by myself within 4 hours of it starting.


Why on Earth is it that i got 11 Accolades by myself within 4 hours of it starting, and now that the challenge is over its saying we only got 5; the 5 coming from a member of my clan qho earned 7 by himself. I know for a fact that we completed the challenge with GOLD not Silver. I even completed a Clan Challenge Beta Feedback Form

( https://support.activision.com/clan_challenge_feedback_form ) while the challenge was still in progress after it was completed. I did this because we were unenlisted once again. (Lets see what happens with todays "Engineer" challenge)


My message to Activision once again..


I completed the challenge by myself!! my other clan members also got 8 more of the Dominator Accolades (7 From Cozta_997 & 1 from golddragon)

So why is it that we only earned Silver!! Just Because you guys re-enlisted us late? When we were enlisted in the first place??!

Should i really have to explain every last one of this services mess up to my 48 clan members? We have gold on EVERY LAST CLAN CHALLENGE!! So why would we give up that gold streak so easily?


I would like to see this mess up fixed. Along with the other two that i was unenlisted from; by the way why is it that I was re-enlisted in this one but not the other two, is it because i made a discusion post ( http://community.callofduty.com/message/413373378 ) instead of contacting Live Chat Support more than once?


"Far Out" (Marksman Accolade - 32) - Sept 5th

"Hoarder" (Confirmation Accolade - 11) - Sept 12th

"Busybody" (Dominator Accolade - 19 [Not 5]) - Sept 13th


Still waiting on the "Rampage" one as well, my clan got over 35K kills


You guys can look into and do whatever you have to do to correct it, but I ALWAYS keep track, the numbers don't lie.


PS3 Clan ID: AllStar Warriorz (AsWz) / 3336418