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@[MuG] formerly known as cPc - Pathetic...


I've had just about enough of clans that can't handle losing.  These people are almost more of a menace than the hackers.  They download the kick tool and use it to punt anyone that is better than them.


Since they game has come out the likes of "[MuG]" and others have been misusing the kick tool.  Just because you are getting beat, or just because there is lag in the game that makes you angry, doesn't give you the right to kick people at will.  This "enhancement" to the game is otherwise known as a hack.  You can try and justify it out and explain your rational for consistantly being a bunch of DB's, but at the end of the day...you downloaded a mod that wasn't intended for this game from a 3rd party source.


I have NO bans on record in 7+ years with my account, and yet you kick me from a game just because I have a better score than you.


From the rest of the community....kindly find another game to play if you can't handle it.


I honestly hope that Activision/Steam continue to ban a**holes like yourselves that abuse tools like this.  Your clan is pathetic, and you all should be embarrassed.



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    No offense to the makers of COD, but I'd have to agree with you. But you know what? I don't think they'll do anything, not a single thing. They make their games as good as they can, with the highest softwares and decide to stop there, not thinking about the most important things, like as you explained, hacks, etc. If hackers got deleted and took off easier, with a software good enough to locate hackers, nobody would be getting classed as one. COD have gone down hill, they're more about trying to make money, than give us what we pay for. MW3 was the worst COD of all time. I'm speaking for at least 80-90% of people who purchased it.


    I guess I'm replying because I agree with you.


    Please, please sort your games out, they're ruined, broken. Fix it.

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    Your clan would do the same on their Black Ops Nuketown server. I'm not saying what he did was justified or even that I agree but, maybe he had the same experience.


    It could be more that he did not want to play against you, this is probably what can be expected until the next game comes out.