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PS3 Clan recruiting MW3 Battlefield3 Adults (25+) USA CAN UK MoGZ of War Mature GamerZ

The MoGZ of War - Mature GamerZ on PS3 playing BF3 and MW3 - will be playing MoH Warfighter and Black Ops2.


We are a fairly new clan, around 35 active members currently, so anyone with enthusiasm and ideas to help us grow would be great.


We want people aged 25+ - or close and mature.


Elite clan and platoon - The MoGZ of War.


Forum - MogzOfWar.co.uk


All backgrounds, all skill levels, USA CAN and EU.


We will PTFO, communicate (must have mic), help each other in game and on forum.


No rules on attendance - we all have real lives !


We play to win but to have fun also.