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We pay more and We get less

Hello All. My name is Scrazed.I've been through all CoD games and i've always been an above average player(I won't say greatest of all time, not yet at least), but heck i've been through everything on the CoD series. My problem is lag compensation, what is it? Most of you already know, but if you don't, here it is in the most simple way possible: If you have amazing internet connection(> 5-15 ms ping 20+ Down 2+Up), or even above average internet, you will get the shorter half of the stick.  Examples: You die in 1-2 shots instead of the regular 3-4; The opponents killcam shows that you may have no fired a single shot or even damaged them as much as you have.


You might think, this is probably another rant or whine, some of you might consider it so, and yet some might consider it as the truth we should be looking at instead of buying the new map packs and just taking whatever is thrown at us. When they put in Assassin, we dealt with it, when they buffed up SitRep so anyone can hear our footsteps EVEN if we have dead silence on, we still just let it happen and we adjusted. Now they tweak lag comepnsation so we(those who pay the most, play the most, and worry the most about any CoD franchise) suffer the MOST. I'm down right tired of just letting stupid things like that happen. I have 30 megs down and 2 megs up, yet I get killed faster and feel like i run parallel to a turtle. They bring out all this DLC and since everyone buys it, we're left to hold out until the next CoD because they don't care if the game is broken as long ass they have our $$$. Someone is going to try to troll eventually, No I don't suck. I had a 3.1 KDR on this game and when I went from 15 megs to 30 megs of internet, i noticed how TERRIBLE lag compensation affects someoe. I've always had a 3.1 KDR or more on every Call of Duty, and now I struggle to go 2.1 in CoD, it's not they competition, and it's not natural skill, this is artificial skill given out by the game. We're left to throttle our connections just so we can get our half of the pie. This is ludicrous, will you stand there and bow down to the faults of Infinity Wards developers? I surely won't be buying any CoD games, let alone DLC for as long as these flaws screw over those who pay more yet get less. Thanks.

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    I too have found this game to be "favoring" of the lesser players. Too often I see someone with a low K/D completely destroy and entire team, and too often I've seen someone with a high K/D get destroyed


    I'm aware that a players K/D is an arbitrary number, even still it does prove a point. Skill is not something that's needed to play this game. All you need is a fast firing weapon and the good side of lag

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      One of the members in the clan I belong to called Activision today to complain about it.


      Basically they said, "Tough luck, we can't do anything about it." Apparently, it's his internet, not anybody else. The dude is paying $100 a month for his internet.


      He called because we were getting our asses handed to us because of lag comp during this clan ops. We were glitching all over the place, the other team looked like they were ice skating througout the map, and our 10 hitmarkers with assault rifles did nothing, but the other team's mp7s and other smg's would get 1-2 shot kills from ACROSS THE MAP.


      We just quit doing the clan ops it was that bad.


      And it wasn't just us, almost every lobby we went into had other clans ******** about the lag comp too. We decided to stay in a lobby with a clan that had the same problem, but hey, it was either that, or take our chances with another lobby with shittier connections.

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        Your upload/dowload speeds have nothing to do with latency.  Latency is what causes lag.  I've never run tests, but I'll bet that for company X the lag is the same for the 5 mbs peeps as it is for the 50 mbs peeps.


        I'm pretty much done with MW3.  I'm tired of being killed by people before they show up onscreen, while the onscreen cam shows they saw me, made a pot of coffee, read the paper, then shot me.  All day today, based on killcams, I'm guessing I was 1/4 to 1/2 (yes, half) a second behind the action.  Needless to say, the few games I played today I had stats like 0 2 25, 2 1 30, etc. 


        I'd go back to MW2 except that the cheaters have overrun it.


        I'm heading to gamestop tomorrow to buy BF3, we'll see if that's a better online experience.


        I've been playing online for about 10 years now, and MW3 is the worst online experience I've ever had.  It sux because when the lag is reasonable it's a lot of fun.  But I typically feel like a duck in a shooting gallery, which is not fun.

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        It shows how much they couldn't give a crap. Could they not fix alote of this during the match making process? Simply match people together with similar internet speeds.

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          My understanding is these online games don't exchange all that much info, so your speed plays a minor role.  Your ping, on the other hand, is hugely important.  Think of it as those stupid traffic lights on freeway onramps.  How long it takes you to get on the freeway is your latency, how fast you go once you're on it is your upload/download speed.


          Go to speedtest.net and run the test.  My laptop gives about 15 ms ping.  My PS3 gives 65 , both wired and wireless.  Just to be sure I run my PS3 wired.  You do remember your PS3 has a web browser, don't you


          I remember spending hours tweaking my network/router settings to minimize my ping back in the Day of Defeat days.  I miss DoD, my favorite online game to date.  Not the second version mind you, the original.

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    It seems that this game favors those with poorer connections. I have FIOS and it's fast yet I get put into Puerto Rican, German, French and Mexican lobbies where they all have host while running 1-2 bar connections. I shoot at them but only get one hit marker while they can give me the "look of death" and I'm dead. This pathetic lag comp that IW keeps trying to correct is what's killing this game for me. All they want to do is release more map packs and game modes so that more people will play on their laggy connections and do poorly. I have to struggle to get even games now. Before I could easily go 30-10 or 25-10 but now I get 17-17 or 12-15 games due to this laggy crap. I'm hoping the guys at TreyArch will have addressed and fixed this issue to make it more manageable. This lag comp irritates me in that it makes bad players look good while those that are better have to struggle to keep up. Sad really. As of now, I'm done with MW3 as it's pure garbage. I'm trying to get a few more emblems/titles and then I'll never play this crap game again. Assuming BLOPS 2 is what it's being hyped up to be, then I'll never buy another IW COD again and will stick with BLOPS or whatever TreyArch makes in the future.

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      h1r0l3r wrote:


      It seems that this game favors those with poorer connections.


      Of course it does. That's the way lag comp works. You cannot make a slow connection faster but you can make a faster connection slower, just delay or drop the data. the problem is they match you with people who are so far away from your location that it has to SEVERELY delay your game play. This is why you get insta killed. They delayed your visuals but the "slow connected guy" who just shot you is in real time. he'd been shooting you with several bullets on his screen. On your screen you seen him for a split second and died, not shooting back. It sucks!


      If they cannot match you with people with similar ping results then at least limit the amount of delay that can be applied!!!